I am sure plenty of you have children of your own, so you can understand where I am coming from on this! 

The teenage boy, they’re a strange and unique creature. Unlike most parents of teenage boys, I have not had many years practise. I started dating the boys dad (we are now engaged) I have been living with them for a year now. I love and adore them both. However, going from living on my own and revelling in my own mess to living in a very full house has made me aware of a few things.

Boys, they’re gross no matter the age. Fart jokes, throwing things, making each other eat stupid things, throwing pillows at each other while in Wal-Mart, dirty socks and underwear on the floor of every room in the house, toe nail clippings in the kitchen, pee on the floor, pee on the toilet seat, sometimes even pee on the wall. These are just some of the pleasures of living with boys.  

On a more positive note, they’ll eat anything. Just don’t expect your chocolate chip cookies (ten dozen of them) to last for more than a week. Even if you hide a bunch in the freezer, they will find them. Note to self: learn how to make grosser cookies. 

There are tons of great aspects to our strange little family dynamic. I am only 11 years older than my son so we share some interests. I spend all day on the computer at work, so I know the latest internet meme’s and viral videos. He trusts me, which is amazing. To trust someone after knowing them such a short period of time. However, none of this eliminates the fact that 14 year old boys lack a common sense that you would expect any normal person to possess. They turn 14 and the common sense disappears, I’ve been told it doesn’t come back until they turn 17. (yay?)

I’ve decided that some of our stories are too humorous (although I don’t always find them funny at the time) to not be shared with the world. So within this blog, I will have be posting the latest stories about what my son has done, as well as sharing some photos.